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Why are my image ads getting impressions but no clicks?

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I have created a number of image ads (or pictorial design ads) and I am getting a small amount of impressions but no clicks as of yet. The ads have been up for two weeks now.


Many thanks


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September 2015

Re: Why are my image ads getting impressions but no clicks?

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Hi Peter,

If you are getting a small number of impressions then it's not that surprising you are getting no clicks. Here area couple of things to consider....

Firstly, the kind of CTR that most campaigns get is around 0.1% on display ads, so you need 1,000 impressions to get a click at that rate....

Take a look at your targeting. If you have combined keywords with interests, placements, gender and age - and if you already have geo targeting set - you might find that you have targeted 5 people!

Then - take a look at the time of day segmentation - there's a good chance that your impressions (if you're only getting a few) are at times of the day when the competition is lower - like at 4am.....

also take a look at the placements where your ads are appearing - my guess would be you're going to see a lot from the same places.... and these are probably not ideal placements - why? Because few other people want those placements.

Ad slots on the display network can display one ad at a time - that means that unlike the search network where if your competitor bids higher than you, you appear in ad slot 2 rather than 1 (or 7 rather than 6) with the GDN you ad either appears in the ad slot or it doesn't.

In the first instance - after checking and fixing the targeting - my recommendation would be to hike up your bids - quite drastically. Double or triple them. I have found in the past that campaigns sometimes need "kick starting" - once they start to get impressions you will likely be able to start reducing the bids without losing traffic.... I don't know why this should be, but I've seen it work effectively on a number of occasions.