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Why are my ads are showing intermittently

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I'm currently running an Ad campaign for my company. While using the Ad preview and diagnosis tool I attempt to search my keywords but my Ads do not appear when I have Desktop/Laptop computer selected within my search area location or on a tablet with a full browser. 


I have been asking clients and friends over the past 2 weeks to do a simple search for a few of my terms and more than half of them could not find my company on google or if they did they found my site on the 4th-5th page.


Yet I'm averaging 200-400 impressions per day and 2-6 clicks per day.  


When I perform search queries at my home on my Wi-Fi my ads show up on the top slot. If I go to the next street over and get on my friends Wi-Fi my business nor ad is anywhere to be found. 


I have set an $18 per day budget, Default Max CPC is set at $6.30, Average CPC is $3.90. Average monthly cost is $200+


I feel that for $200+ per month, my ad should be displaying everytime anyone searches my keywords. But I do understand there are a lot of factors that go into ads displaying. 


Can anyone please give me some insight and help me better understand what may be causing this? 

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Re: Why are my ads are showing intermittently

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Google Employee

Hi Theodore,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. Regarding your "Why are my ads showing intermittently?" question, this is probably one of the most asked questions in the Community. First I do recommend you continue to use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool to check on whether your ad is running. Having your friends or yourself doing a Google search to look for your ads is not the recommended method. In fact, it can have a negative effect on your actual ad campaign. 


I also recommend you read the following two threads that has topics similar to the one you posted: &



Here are some highlights from those discussions that are most pertinent to your questions:


  • There are a few reasons why you may not see your Ad when you search for it yourself.


    1. You may be outside the targeted region or do not match other targeting restrictions such as demographics.
    2. Your Ad may not be scheduled to run at that time.
    3. Your daily budget may be insufficient to show your Ad for each possible impression.
    4. You may have altered the way Google displays Ads to you by your own searches.

    Of these, the most likely suggestions are probably the last two.  Either your budget is insufficient to show the Ad every time it could be shown or the search results you see are specific to you because of searches you have previously made on your own Keyword(s).


  • Although you're not seeing ads on the right-hand side of the page (or at the top), that doesn't mean ads aren't appearing there. You may be outside the geographic region of the campaign(s) serving ads on those keywords or you may be searching at a time when those ads aren't active.


    Jon is correct that repeatedly searching for your own ads in the 'live' environment will eventually result in you never seeing your ads. Google stops showing those ads to people who search repeatedly but ignore an ad or ads. The more you look for your own ads, the less likely you are to see them.


    There are two dollar figures in play here. First, your daily click budget, which controls how many clicks your campaign can afford in a day. Second, your keyword bid, which affects how often your ad might be triggered and where it appears on the page. If you're bidding considerably below the competitive range for your keyword(s) and your ads don't have a good, long-term CTR to offset that, to raise your ad rank, then your ads won't appear high on the page--regardless of what your competitors might be doing.


    Please let me know if these points and thread links were helpful. I also encourage members from the Community to post their input based upon their own AdWords experience. Thanks.