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Why are daily estimates different every time for the same keywords?

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I have a total of around 1000 keywords in the estimator and the daily estimates vary every time I use the tool.


So for example, I'd put a bid f £1, and get daily estimates - it would say those keywords would get x amount of clicks with the cost of £x amount.


However I'd get the estimate (for the same keywords and same bid)  the next minute and gives you completely different results


Is anyone else having the same issue? I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this.

Thank you

Re: Why are daily estimates different every time for the same keywords

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Hello , Welcome to the AdWords Community !


Yes I think it is a bug


At first I tried 2 variants and I used only simple broad match keywords, a set of 749  :


1) Clicking the button "Get detailed estimates" several times, no values change

2) Clicking "back to search" and then again "Review estimates" from the lower right side of the screen, again values remain the same





I did notice that when I use the sequence : 


3) Refreshing the browser, clicking on "resume" in the following screen, and then clicking on "keywords" the values were different a few times, then they returned to the initial values, then they enter a cycle, they are different but not every time, below you have the variations that I see after 10 or 20 refreshes :