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Why am I not getting conversions but getting relevant clicks?

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           I am getting relevant clicks but not getting a conversion. I am maintaining a separate landing page with good design. I don't that where the mistake is happening. How should I optimize my adwords account for getting conversion.




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March 2016

Re: Why am I not getting conversions but getting relevant clicks?

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Hi @Dobiz I



I would advise you to analyze your search terms again. You say they are relevant enough for you. Let me take this. But how about their intents? Are the intents of those search terms really relevant to your advertising goals?


It should be a crucial aspect of your analysis. 


Put on your thinking hat now... let's take an example to understand the real game of intents.


Say you are selling blue widgets and your search term report says you got 30 clicks for blue widgets. It means when people were searching for this term your ads appeared and were clicked. 


So you got relevant clicks, don't you? Not necessarily.  Though, you got clicks for a relevant search term, yet the intent cannot be expected to be sales only. It can be research oriented intent as well. Think...


If I am searching for blue widget, maybe I have to write a blog on the topic and I am trying to find the latest information around it? Yes, so blue widget does not necessarily indicate buying intent. 


In a different example, if you are using keywords with clear buying intent, you are more likely to sell and weed out research intents. Such keywords to target can be - buy blue widgets, best offers on blue widget etc.


In short, relevant search terms can still be not-that-relevant considering the intent. Check to see if you need to work on it.


Now when you have optimized campaigns or if they are already optimized to target right intent as discussed above, the next thing to consider is - a better CTR. At this stage, it can be achieved by writing well targeted ad copies and bidding a bit higher on your keywords.


And finally, your landing page experience. This is where a marketer's true potential comes to test. Improve your landing page experience by following AdWords best practices and experiment with different versions. Test, test and test... because once your campaigns start driving relevant people to the website, the other half of the game goes to your landing pages. Optimize it in a way that it gives a delightful buying experience and answers every question a potential customer may be having. 


It should help you find the disconnect and bring in conversions and better ROI. 


All the best!


Ratan Jha
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Re: Why am I not getting conversions but getting relevant clicks?

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Hi Dobiz,

This is the common case for most of the advertisers. As you said you are getting relevant traffic but not conversion. There are so many thing which are as important as to get relevant traffic to your website, post click. I meant to say that you must not be the alone in the market who is selling product x. You must be having so many competitors in the market. If they are providing the same product in the better prices of course people will recommend to buy from there. So, there is something called competitor analysis, check your top 4-5 competitor pricing and services & compare them with your product and services.