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Why am I forced to advertise developer-oriented software on tablets ?

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Hello, I sell a Windows-specific software intended for software developers. As you may be aware, software development is done on desktop computers. And yet a lot of my advertising budget is spent on clicks from tablet users which obviously cannot try my software and there is no point to even try such a software on tablets. I cannot seem to be able to stop tablet advertising, and I am losing money (some days 67% of the clicks go to tablets) to the point where I have to think of alternative advertisers.  Do you see any solution to this problem ?

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Re: Why am I forced to advertise developer-oriented software on tablet

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Hi Catalin, I appreciate your frustration.


While there is no option to control tablet advertising I think it's useful to consider tablets as a part of your potential conversion path.  I'm a Windows user and I try a lot of software and that part of me doesn't change when I'm using my tablet.  Although I can't use the software on my tablet, I can search for it and read about it while I'm out and about and I often do.


If people using tablets are clicking your Ads that means they're finding the Ads relevant to their needs.  If you're finding that tablet users are not converting for you this therefore means one or more of the following:


1)  Your Ads are being shown on searches/sites that are not relevant to your business.

2)  Your Ads are not clear about the nature of your business.

3)  These tablet users are interested in Windows Software.


Obviously we'd like to think the answer is #3, that these tablet users are genuinely interested in Windows software but they just happen to be using a tablet while searching for products/information.


AdWords conversions often have a "path" to conversion that involves more than one step and it's entirely possible that in your case a view/click from a tablet forms part of your eventual conversions from a desktop device.


Have you examined your Multi-Channel Funnels report in AdWords and Analytics?  



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Re: Why am I forced to advertise developer-oriented software on tablet

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What is really strange is that I get a lot of "conversions" from tablets. I mean, the customers arrive on my web site, and click the "download now" button to download my Windows trial, although it is clearly specified on the landing page what does the software do and that it's meant to software developers. So a meaningless exe file is downloaded to their tablets. I have a way to track if the users are then installing my software on their Windows desktop computers and this just doesn't happen. So basically I am fooled that the tablet traffic "converts" to trial downloads when in fact this is just lost traffic.

For now I have resurrected two earlier deleted campaigns that are "legacy" and eliminated tablet traffic. But I think that after the July 22 deadline I will just pay a developer-oriented network to bring me desktop traffic and leave the Adwords "enhancement" to those who are willing to waste more money than me.