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Why I stopped getting impressions from a managed placement

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I am using a managed placement in one of my display network campaign. Earlier I used to get good number of clicks and leads from this placement but suddenly it stopped giving me a single impression from last 15-20 days. And this placement is still showing in suggestion in placement tool.


By hovering a mouse on bubble it gives me a message "You don't have enough Google AdSense pageviews yet to diagnose the combination of your current campaign settings and targeting criteria."


I've increased bid value upto 3 times but still no imp. Please help me recovering this placement.


Thanks with regards,

Anand Vishwakarma

Anand Vishwakarma
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September 2015

Re: Why I stopped getting impressions from a managed placement

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Hi Anand,


This can happen because of two reasons.


1. The placement website blocked your ads.


2. Competitors increased the bids so your lost your placement.


As you said you tried increasing the bids I think the reason is first one.


Please go through an earlier thread discussing the same issue.


Hope this helps,