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Why I don't get clicks with fair impression and good ad position?

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I think I am getting fair amount of Impressions with good ad position but not getting enough clicks. In the last 4 weeks, there are more than 500 impressions but only 5 clicks.  Even this 5 clicks I think are from competitors.

My campaign is running for Singapore, I am not getting any idea why this is happening, that I am getting impression but not expected clicks.


My keywords are broad matched and after that I made them Exact, because this are the exact target audience I wanted.

Can someone give some valuable insight?

Thank you.



Re: Why I don't get clicks with fair impression and good ad position?

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

If you are getting Impressions and not clicks, and Your Ave Position is High Enough in the 1-4 range, then the issue is with your AD COPY.

You may want to look at your individual ads and make sure you have at least 3 versions in every ad group as well as 1 or 2 mobile versions.

Look at the competitors ads, what sets you apart from them?
What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

Do you offer a lower price? is so add price to your ad.
Have you been in Business for many many years? - Add a Line such as Trusted Source for 10 year

Look for the competitive edge you provide over your competition. Keep testing ad copy.

Also make sure you have every available Ad Extension and bid into the 1-2 spot, those ad extensions expand the real-estate of your add and provide additional selling points to your Advertisement.

Go into your Campaigns down to the Keyword Level, Next to the Status button is a balloon pop-up button that shows your quality references but also leads to the Ad Preview Tool for that keyword term. Click it and a pop-up or new window appears, Run the Live preview.

Compare your AD for that keyword with your competition. What improvements can you make? Is you ad in a low position? Then it need work on Quality Scores and a Bid price adjustment to move it higher in the ad slots. Is you Ad copy Better or more compelling then the others? Honestly? Work on improving those Ads