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Why Has My Mobile Campaign Made My Desktop Computer CPC's Cheaper?

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The Background Story


I recently experimented with running two campaigns.  Campaign A which has mobile turned down to -100% on the bid adjustment so it only shows to desktop computers and tablets.  I setup Campaign B with my mobile bid adjustment at +300% so that I could write ads that would look better on mobile and hopefully be shown more on mobile that it would on desktop.  I understand that it is impossible to completely divide desktop and mobile bidding completely.


The Question


I've found that a lot of my desktop computer traffic is coming in through the mobile campaign, and my CPC's for desktop computer is actually cheaper even though it is showing my mobile ads.  The adtext is the very similar for desktop Campaign A and mobile Campaign B so it's not like some ads are more appealing.


Any ideas why my desktop CPC's are cheaper in my mobile campaign?



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Re: Why Has My Mobile Campaign Made My Desktop Computer CPC's Cheaper?

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Hi Emma,

Q - why my desktop CPC's are cheaper in my mobile campaign?

Answer - Because you have set bid (in Mobile Campaign) lesser than your Desktop campaign after increasing 300% in Mobile Device.


Re: Why Has My Mobile Campaign Made My Desktop Computer CPC's Cheaper?

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Hi Emma,


If we had more details about the amount of your bids etc...I could probably give you very specific reasons but we don't have that right now.  However, I think that your issues start right at your strategy.


As you mentioned, there is no perfect way to separate traffic this way.  Let's illustrate an example and see if it helps you understand what's occurring.


Campaign A - Desktop (-100% Mobile Bid Modifier)

General CPC Bid $1.00

In this campaign, your ads will not be displayed on Mobile, they'll only be eligible for desktop and tablet.


Campaign B - Mobile (+300% Mobile Bid Modifier)

General CPC Bid $0.50 + 300% Mobile Modifier = $2.00

In this campaign, your ads can still be displayed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.


Now, with a setup like this, in campaign B, you're essentially bidding 1/2 the amount you are in Campaign A when considering desktop only. So when ads are eligible for desktop auctions and subsequently receive clicks, they will be cheaper than in Campaign A. It's also important to remember that if you only have mobile preferred ads in any particular ad group and there are no other ads (non-mobile for instance) those mobile preferred ads will show on desktop/tablets as well as mobile.


My recommendation is for you to use one campaign.  Set your desktop/tablet bids as you see fit and apply an mobile modifier to boost the mobile bids.  Also, include both standard and mobile preferred ads and ad extensions in your ad groups/campaigns.  If you include both, the mobile preferred elements are usually only served to mobile devices.


Also, at any time you can segment your data - Segment > Device and be able to analyze the splits between devices pretty easily.


Hope this helps!




Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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