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Why Google hides keywords with 0% CTR ?

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I think, Any person who works in adword want to improve the CTR. Even Google suggest the same for better performance of the Ads.


But, Why does Google hides the keywords with 0% CTR ?


I have seen many threads here asking for the list of keywords with 0% CTR, so that It can be added in the negative keyword list.


Once we add these keywords in negative list, certainly the CTR will improve isn't it?

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Re: Why Google hides keywords with 0% CTR ?

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If you have added any keyword in the adgroup then it might be worthy for your business.
If any keyword is unable to get impressions then no one might be searching for it or you have used a long tail keyword with tight match type, better option is making it short or using loose keyword match type.

If the keyword is just getting impressions but no clicks then you need to opt a tight keyword match type.

In both the cases it is not recommended to use that keyword in negative Keyword list until your adgroups are based on keywords match types.
You should you the keyword planner tool to get better idea for related keywords in the trend.

The other ways of boosting CTR are:
Using ad extensions
Reviewing search term report and adding irrelevant keywords as negatives.
Including USP and strong Call to action in the ads.
Bid more to gain top positions.

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Re: Why Google hides keywords with 0% CTR ?

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I have had it where it is not hidden but on the second and subsequent pages, so I had to filter the CTR column from lowest to highest to be able to see them. Does it impact your ad performance? Yes, the 0% lowers the overall CTR of the campaign and/or ad group.