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Why Does This Happen? Conversion rate unstable

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I am running a campaign that is targeting topics on adwords.

I am using just 1 ad size / design.  

I am not touching anything,  the bid and the budget stays the same everyday.


One day my CR is 10%
The next day is 2%

then its 10%

then its 0.6


The only thing I am using is day parting, basically customers are awake during the day 7AM-11PM and I have my ads set to run only during these times.


I am really confused why the mega fluctuation in conversion %


Please advise



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Re: Why Does This Happen? Conversion rate unstable

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In a display campaign i think conversion rate of 10% is really good, In fact i've never seen that much of higher conversion rate in any display campaign.

However these fluctuation can be due to so many reasons such as weekdays, weekends. buyer pattern models. what kind of goods your are selling, it even can be the current weather situation or how long it does take one of your customer to convert after making the first click.

So its really hard to give an answer without knowing the data correctly of your account.

Re: Why Does This Happen? Conversion rate unstable

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I am wondering whether the use of day parting affect my position in the ad chain, which would then explain what happens?

IE: Because my campaign pauses by the system every night, I lose my spot, then I resume in the morning and start at the back of the ad chain line up??

Could that be it?

Re: Why Does This Happen? Conversion rate unstable

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Well ad position always get decided on a ad auction happens each and everytime when a user search for the keywords.

However since you know your account best you can do a AdWords experiment campaign and test running all the time for a week or two and compare it with past performances and see

Re: Why Does This Happen? Conversion rate unstable

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Hi @Atila O what sort of figures are you seeing for number of clicks per day and number of conversions?


If your click figures are relatively low then such variations are to be expected.  For example, if you had 1000 clicks per day and 50 conversions per day (a CVR of 5%) I'd expect that rate to be relatively steady since you have a large data sample.  However, if you only get 20 clicks per day and 1 or 2 conversions then it's much more likely the CVR will vary dramatically as the natural variation in the number of conversions per day will have a bigger impact on CVR.


With 1000 clicks a day, 50 conversion is 5%, but 49 conversions is still 4.9%.  With 20 clicks per day, 2 conversions is 10% but 1 conversion is only 5%.



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