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Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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I'm wondering why we are asked to use a slow frame rate?


5FPS is very choppy and makes people think we don't know how to animate.


Is there a  technical reason to limit the frame rate?


Would be awesome if we could run 10-24 fps moving forward. Current technology can display faster frame rates I would think.


In Photoshop we have exported gifs at 15-24 frames per second that look great. I just can't use them in Ad Words and that's a disappointment.


Any info is appreciated on the subject.





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Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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animated-image-ads are basically a set of image-ads that cycle in some way --

for example, a short text-scroll, or some static-text with a portion of the ad
displaying a sequence of individual product images; each individual frame is
automatically rotated, meant to be read or viewed as separate components,

and lower frame-rates are an essential requirement for their indented use;
the primary use-case for animated-image-ads is not videos/films to be played.


animated is somewhat of a misnomer and does not equate to animation.

alternatively, there are video-ad formats -- ads where the primary use-case
is designed, basically, as a short-film, to be clicked-and-played; ads where
the persistence-of-vision is more of a priority and their appropriately higher
frame-rates are allowed and required.

see also


Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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Thanks for the info.


We're not making films or videos. We make short loops of eye catching animation for banner ads. It looks great at 10 to 24 frames per second and can display on today's devices.


It's a frustration to designers when people say "why does it look choppy?" when it doesn't have to. How did Ad Words arrive at 5fps for a frame rate?


Thanks again for your time.


Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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first, you're welcome.

short-loops-of-animation is likely not a good fit for such ads,
as they are currently defined, with their lower frame-rates --
force-fitting such loops will likely result in user dissatisfaction.

low frame-rates are mainly a better fit for and accommodate ad details that
are slowly rotated; currently, non-video ads that are constructed so that
their high-quality is maintained, given google's frame-rate requirements
will likely result in better overall ad-performance and satisfied users --
rather than using any animation effects that do require faster frame-rates.

currently, loops-of-eye-catching-animation
may be a better fit for other ad-formats --
for example, some lightbox-ads offer 24fps.

regardless, any image-ads that do not conform to both

google's technical requirements and quality-standards

may also be flagged for policy violations.

that said, google tends not to divulge the details of their
internal business or technical discussions concerning how
they arrived at such a decision -- at least not here within
the public forums.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer community --
feedback may be given directly to google:


Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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Thanks again for clarifying the spec.


Our ads consistently out-perform across all of our verticals with fast gif frame rates. I think the user experience would be more satisfying when they see professional looking animation in an ad.


Was looking to expand our reach with AdWords without the limitations to timing.


I'll contact support and ask about increasing frame rates moving forward.


Truly Appreciate your help.


Why 5 fps for Animated gif?

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it is just because Google seems to have not enough money to pay servers, therefore, wants you to have crappy ads with 5 fps and 150kb for a gif which is ridiculous.

Facebook doesn't have fps limitation and you can upload up to 4gb.

It's about time Google comes to an end.