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Who decides the Topics asigned to a site

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I was wondering who decides the Topics asigned to a website / placement from the Display network.

Is it an automated procedure from Google or is the Publisher who decides this type of information , which means that a game site owner can decide that their site has the Topic - e-commerce for example .


Also if there are sub-sections of a site, having different "real topics" , they are classified under the same "Adwords topic" as the main site ? So if the main site is "news" and a section is "free jobs Ads" and I target the "AdWords topic News" I can also get impressions from the subsection "free jobs ads" ?


From a programming point of view, the root URL has a Topic and the child URLs from level 2 , 3 or 4 can have very different sub-topics which I do not want to cover but I cannot exclude a child URL of level 4 .

Excluding an URL such as is just not accepted by the "exclude placements" feature.


Thank you

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Re: Who decides the Topics asigned to a site

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The last time I checked - once a site is approved to join an the Adsense program it is categorized. To my understanding machine does that, based on the site's content. (Contextual targeting)
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Re: Who decides the Topics asigned to a site

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Ok, thanks. I was trying to figure out why I am getting clicks from a newspaper site when I am targeting some car related topics. The display planner shows me some weird combinations of Topics per sites.


See the following newspaper site which has Topics : Food and Drink ( unrelated)  , BMW (even more unrelated to the content of the site )  and Ukraine ( good Topic only for a small segment of articles, since there are many news about Ukraine these days) .