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Who click?

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How can I know who click on my add? It is interesting to know that I received 25 clicks, but if I can't know who clicks, how can I follow-up?


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September 2015

Re: Who click?

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Hi Clarocque,


There is no way of knowing who clicked on your paid ad copy. Also there is no way of following up at a beginner's level.


Using remarketing to reach people who visited your site


There is an advanced feature called Remarketing linked-to above that allows you some sort of follow up. Please note, however, that strict preconditions are applicable.




Re: Who click?

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Hi clarocque,


It is interesting to know that I received 25 clicks, but if I can't know who clicks, how can I follow-up?


Did you mean to say that you need to see which keywords trigger clicks in your account? Could you please elaborate like what all metrics you want to analyse for your Adwords account?


What are your campaign settings? Targeting Search Network or Display Network or both?


Let us have some more details to dig further.




Re: Who click?

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@ Lakatos, I was 15 seconds late in posting Smiley Happy

Re: Who click?

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Hey clarocque,


I understand you want to generate leads from the AW campaign,


Well - as Lakatos and Pankaj said before me - you can't have the person contact details unless he gave it to you - but if you want to generate more leads - 


I would recommend you to use:


  1. Analytics in order to see what those people did in your site and understand why they didn't contact you.
  2. Click2Call function in mobile advertising - and you'll get phone calls instead of just having "clicks" :-)
  3. remarketing - as Lakatos already suggested to you.

Good luck,



Re: Who click?

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Hi Claroque,

It is possible to see the names of the visitor's internet service provider (ISP). This might help you to determine who visited your website - especially if you are targeting businesses.

In order to do this, go to Standard Reporting Google Analytics account (you have that set up, right?) and select:

Audience > Technology > Network

You'll see a list of the visitor's networks. Most businesses show their name in their network, allowing you to see the companies that have showed an interest.

Mind you, this isn't fool proff en definately not for everyone, but some of my clients use it for follow-up by phone.

Good luck!