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Which match types do you use for a mirrored campaigns?

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I'm experimenting with mirrored campaigns at the moment and I was wondering what you prefer to use? 


For example:

Campagn 1: Modified Broad

Campagn 2: Exact match


What are the cons and pros for the combination you are using or used?


Thank you!


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Re: Which match types do you use for a mirrored campaigns?

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Hi Jeltje,

You should add Campaign 2: Exact match Keywords as a negative (Match Type-Exact) in Campaign 1: Modified Broad.

Your ads will trigger according to the user's query from both the campaigns, on exact keywords - ad will trigger from Campaign 2: Exact match and other keywords (which is combination of your broad keywords) then ads will trigger from Campaign 1: Modified Broad.

You can judge your campaigns performance in correct manner and optimize accordingly.

Anand Kumar

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Re: Which match types do you use for a mirrored campaigns?

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In addition to what Anand said, don't forget to the general list of negative keywords in campaign 1(having modified broad keywords) at campaign or adgroup level to avoid irrelevant traffic.

Also, the advantage to campaign with exact match type keywords will be you will have a high CTR and QS but exact match keywords will limit the queries to only used keywords and their close variants.

While campaign with modified broad keywords will have an extended reach to other queries(based on the keywords combinations) hence lower CTR and may lead to low QS but using these, you will come to know the search terms from the users(which are beneficial for your business and you could not add them as your keywords).

So, it will be a good try using both match types this way but don't forget to use all the keywords of campaign 2 as negative exact match in campaign 1.

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