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Which campaign type is best for my business?

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My Business has a broad coverage of different range of products' banners, displayed on my website. As an Affiliate publisher, my main activities center on driving potential customers to my Affiliate principals' website. Which campaign type is best for my business?

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September 2015

Re: Which campaign type is best for my business?

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Hello, Austin.

In order to be able to advertise an affiliate website you have to make sure you comply with the "Bridge page" policy described here:

If you create an acceptable affiliate website, with regards to this policy, you will be allowed to advertise it.

If you don't create an acceptable website, all you can do is to advertise the main website directly, while competing with all the other affiliates that do it.

If you don't create an acceptable website and you still decide to advertise it, your AdWords account (and any new accounts you may decide to create) may be suspended.

Therefore my advice is to tread carefully, study that policy in detail, create a high quality website and then decide to advertise it. Achieving success with affiliate advertising through AdWords, when advertisers direct traffic to their own website, is something pretty hard to achieve. You may easiliy find that the amount of work you need to put in in order to create and maintain an acceptable website will negate the revenue you may be able to obtain, once you deduct the AdWords costs as well.
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Re: Which campaign type is best for my business?

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Spot on Adwiser. Just to add further, once your adwords account is suspended, you will create an acceptable website anyways, so its better to do it before rather than later