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Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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Hi all,


Which of these two URLs should get a better Quality score and why?


Google Play store (link directly to your app to download)


Or the App Website with a link on it to the playstore where a user would download the app


To me it should be the Play Store link as it's highly relevant and goes directly to the landing page where a user could download the app.  But, we've been getting status messages in AdWords saying our ads we'rent showing due to the low quality of our landing page. The landing page was the Google Play Store!


Also does the amount of time an ad is live positively impact its quality score?


As always thanks for all your help!


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Re: Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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Hello Brian,


I believe that your website would give you a better quality score.  Google won't say for sure but I believe Google looks at more than just the text on the page when it determines quality score of a landing page.   


The length time your ad runs doesn't inherently impact your quality score. When you create a new ad group/campaign one of the quality score factors is history. Since a new campaign/ad group has no history Google kinda of gives you a neutral ranking starting off. After enough time has passed Google will have a history of your ads / keywords. If they historically had good CTR (click through rates) then that will increase your quality score. If they had historically low click through rates then this can decrease your quality score. 

Re: Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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Hi There,


My suggestion is :  Google Play store (link directly to your app to download)

 You can always try make an alternative text ad with a landing page "the App Website with a link on it to the playstore"

 If you get a lower Q/S than the one you already have then Google Play store is the right answer.


Relevancy of the following is very important when it comes to Quality Score 


You should check if the set of your keywords is relevant with your ads and your ads if they are relevant with your landing page


If you target e.g keyword : tables , your text ad has no tables keyword in it and your landing page is an App about Design then even if your landing page is the Play Store you will not get an high quality score.


I Hope i helped you.


George Gemenetzis : Gege

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George Gemenetzis
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Re: Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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Hi there;

Keep in mind that the initial QS given for a new keyword is based on other advertisers' QS for the same keyword (in its exact match type). Only after your keywords gains 1000 QS is calculated, based on this KW performance - mainly its CTR.

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Re: Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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Hi all,


Thanks so much for your great answers and information. My sense is that the play store URL should be the right one as it is the most relevant in my mind.  And I agree that maybe we should create a different landing page for the website. But the first page has a nice big Get it Now button leading directly to the play store ;o0


We actually paired our campaigns back recently due to bad ROI to try and figure out what was wrong. So at the moment I have two campaigns. Both Enhanced - Both targeting mobile only, Android and Tablets -


Campaign 1 is using animated and static ads and now has all destination URLs set to the website (as a test)  We're using topics only as a our targeting method with no keywords and the campaign is set to display only.  


The second campaign is using the new enhanced campaign app ads that lead directly to the play store and we're using placements only.  All of them.  The reason being our app is for SMS for Android Tablets so people on pretty much every placement could potentially be interested in it.


We've been getting conversion on the second campaign as we have conversion tracking set up. But not enough. 


When the campaigns were first set up a few months ago we were getting very high downloads and now it's dried up and we're not sure if it's Adwords or just the market for the app.  The current settings in campaign 1 are identical for the most part to the very first campaigns we set up.


I know that's a lot of info but any feedback would be greatly appreciated as to hints and tips to help optimize!



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Re: Which URL would have a better Quality Score

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A very common misconception is that the landing page has a big influence on QS. It really doesn't, as long as the page follows all rules. The biggest influence on QS is click rate which means you must place more effort into refining keywords and more important, improving your ads.


If you are getting poorer conversions with one campaign using different landing pages, then it must be that one page does a better job at converting. I'm assuming here the same keywords and ads. It would therefore make sense to use the higher converting page. But don't stop there, landing pages can be improved for conversions too.