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Where is my ad displaying?

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Is it possible to determine on which specific sites my ad has appeared? Are my keywords placing my ads on relevant sites?





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September 2015

Re: Where is my ad displaying?

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Hi Bill,




As i understand you are running your campaign on google display network and you are interested to see those websites where your ad is appearing and i am also  assuming that you have selected automatic palcement.


if so then 


  • Select the Display campaign 
  • Go to the Dispaly Network Tab
  • Click the Placement tab just under the Display Netwrok Tab

And you will find the list of websites where your ad is appearing 


If you set your campaign properly with proper logic then google will show your ad in relevent websites.No doubt about that.

But in case if you found any websites in the list which don not bringing enough business for you and eating up your budget then you can simply select those websites and make them as "Exclude Placements".Your ad will never appear on those sites again.


Hope it helps


Best of Luck