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Where did conversions go?

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Hi there!


We have a huge problem! We are running our Campaigns since 2003 I think and have accumulated over 1500 keywords that we advertise. We have implemented FOCUS ON CONVERSIONS last week and the costs skyrocketed.


So we checked the old stats, new stats, etc etc, and decided on 300 keywords to use. These 300 were the best converted ones over the last years and some other keywords had 0 conversions over ht etime (Not all are since 2003).


But then it went Bang, our conversions went down by 80%!!! Costs at least halfed so there is light in the tunnel, but where did the conversions go?


We tried again with manually setting the costs to no avail. We get the clicks now, but no conversions. 2 weeks ago we still ran it like we set it up now again, manually and it worked perfectly.


I really do not understand and we really need help!! What to do?

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Re: Where did conversions go?

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Hi Mark,


I think you have a huge data to analyse when you talk about nearly 12 years long statistics.


Many things have changed since then inside AdWords and also the way conversion tracking is measured, the name change (converted click, conversion), conversion window etc...So you need to really look at all the aspects before coming to any conclusion.


Also look at other changes like ad copy content change, landing page changes, regular optimization etc...


Did you really check whether the conversion tracking tag is getting fired and conversions are really getting tracked?


You could manually click your own ad and complete the process as well.


For more details on this, you can read this help center doc as well:-


Before implementing Focus on conversion, what bidding strategy you had in the account. Was it manual CPC or some other?


I would suggest checking the code first and then provide us some more specific details.