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When will adwords tackle competitor bidding

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I have used adwords for some years now and it has become progressively deluged with competitor clicking and nonsense clicks from non ROI sources, it is plainly obvious that rather than tacking this google wish to just continue to hide under the blankets and ignore it. I can run an ad and within hours its budget will be plundered with local competitors randomly clicking it , and whats more so my ad even though targeted can appear 100s of miles outside of its target zone and be aimed at the wrong audience.


Adwords also found it handy to stop CPM bidding on the search network forcing us into paying per click which just does not work. There was also talk of refunds for clicks from the same IP etc , that does not help either. IN my business even though small the cost of a click amounts to £2.00 in some cases and even with an establised site and good reputation and work coming in from elsehwhere adwords just does not deliver the goods.


If nothing is going to be done then at least let us have the CPM bidding available on the Search network so we are not paying out for invalid clicks !


yours sincerely 


A tired adwords user ....

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Re: When will adwords tackle competitor bidding

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Hi Andrew, sorry you're so tired.


While I appreciate your pain, I have to say that this is your experience and not necessarily the experience that everyone has.  Aggressive malicious clicking from competitors is infuriating and I can assure you that Google do have teams dedicated to improving the detection of invalid clicks but it's impossible to stop a click from happening in the first place so the best that will ever happen is a refund.  


Are you not receiving invalid click refunds?  If there's any invalid click activity you should be receiving something and it'll be shown in your billing statements.  You can also use the "Invalid Clicks" column at the Campaign level to see your data in this respect, what sort of figures are you seeing?


I have to ask this, so please be patient, but upon what basis are you recognising this use of your budget as action from competitors.  Is it purely that you are receiving no sales or do you have other data to support the theory?


In terms of locations, although location targeting is not perfect, 100s of miles is really far outside the usual error margin.  How is your location targeting set?  Is it set only for people in or also for people searching for your chosen location(s)?


It's been a while since Search had CPM bidding - I'm not exactly sure when it was abandoned but I've a feeling it was back in 2002 or thereabouts; it certainly hasn't been an option for many, many years.  CPM bidding is not really appropriate for the Search network since it's marketing model is different from that usually attributed to Search.  CPM is typically associated with the more traditional forms of advertising such as print and TV where the promotion is primarily about brand awareness or impulsive purchases, where the advertising works through a form of saturation.  CPC works more effectively where there is a strong search intent, where customers are actively looking for a product or service, and a well tuned AdWords account will work much more effectively on CPC in this situation than on CPM.


If you can let us know if you're receiving refunds for invalid activity, that would be good.  If you're not, that's a concern and we can take a closer look at your situation.



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Re: When will adwords tackle competitor bidding

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Hello Jon

Thank you for your reply. Can I ask in what position you reply from ? If someone was able to closely monitor links incoming and clicks as I am then they would be able to see this. I use woopra and other realtime software to both track and communicate with my site visitors aswell as this there are various obvious patterns to competitor link clicking as they often get themselves into a routine of going round and clicking at certain times of day therefore creating spikes in the visitors. I have also personally spoken to clients 100s of miles outside of our radius and targetting who have come in through an advert and also can see every day when you look at google photographers from not just outside our area but outside our country !! that are advertising and having their ads show up in completely irrelevant places. The system is far from polished and the odd refund of a click will make no difference to me nor others in my position what we are looking for is a proper accountable system set up with the user in mind not just to rake in profits. I need control of the area in which my link shows and to know it is correct and also to have control of blocking it from appearing to IPs which i believe are competitor bidding.

I am not aware of any refunds for competitor bidding that i have had but would be happy to take instruction on where these would appear.

Thank you for your time Jon