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When to improve existing account, or start with a new account?

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Hi All,


i just did an audit on an account and i'm considering to suggest a complete restart: create a new account and start all over taking the data and learnings from the old account into consideration with a new setup.

This way the client will suffer from bad quality scores in the old account.



My question is: when do you decide to start all over with a new account opposed to resturcture and optimize the existing account? Can we come up with some hard measurable criteria?

(like: 50% of total impressions over the lifetime of account is generated by keywords with QS< 4) 


thanks again,







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Re: When to improve existing account, or start with a new account?

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Community Manager
Hi Nils,

I don't think you're going to find any sort of hard-and-fast rules like you mentioned. AdWords accounts serve so many different industries, markets, budgets, etc. that it will be different for everyone.

I think it's rare that you need to open a completely new account. Quality score, for example, will default to 6/10 when you first create the new keywords, and the actual, auction-time quality score will be based on that new keyword's performance and data in auctions.

If anyone has other thoughts feel free to chime in, but that's my two cents!

Re: When to improve existing account, or start with a new account?

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As CassieH has mentioned, at the time of set-up of campaign may be your quality score is 8. But during the actual auction it may reduced to just 5. And of-course there are lot of factors that affect keyword's performance like number of competitors, avg searches in that location and more which ultimately effects your CTR and hence QS.
And now creating new account is not the only solution as in the historical data your domain is also considered by Google. So if you don't want to carry fwd your account history or wish to create a new account I think you must need to change your domain also.

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