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When should I stop my campaigns?

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I have started few campaigns for my client - but no results.

A Website has received more than 200 clicks without conversions.

Each campaign is made for a different landing page.


Average conversion rate for organic visits is 0.6%

Average, product cost from 3$-5$


When do you decide to stop campaign? What parameters do you 

consider when stopping it? 

Photo is in attachment.AdWords Campaigns   Analytics.png

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When should I stop my campaigns?

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@Ivan M, If you think AdWords starts giving you the return from the day one.


Before pausing the campaigns you need to check, which keywords or search terms are giving you the irrelevant traffic.


Which search networks / Device are consuming more budget.


Also, compare the what is the conversion rate of the organic traffic in the same landing page.




--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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When should I stop my campaigns?

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My answer is ...never ...
Is very difficult to obtain results with the first shoot, your duty is to analize data and optimize parameters.

Viewing your attached image, i would need data about CTR but i can recommend checking your landings<>copies coherence:

You can start with this questions:
- If your campaign goal is based on conversion, you need visitors to stay in your site. Bounce rates are too high. Are the landing pages accurate according to your copies?
- To get visits, you need your copies being clicked. How is your CTR?. Are your copies displayed at the accurate position?. First position is not always mandatory. Analize competitors and check your bids.
- Keywords. Are you using accurate kwd groups? Accurate matching?
- Impression share. Are your copies being displayed for a relevant target share?. You can keep this % low untill your campaign in fine tuned with conversions. Then, boost your budget and increase the share. If it is near 100%, is time for searching new niches, actions, or locations.

When should I stop my campaigns?

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Hi Ivan M,

I agree with David, your bounce rate is way too high. This indicates your landing pages do not provide anything of interest to people who click on your ad. This could be poor targeting, but more likely your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages are not "relevant" to each other. It indicates the offer in your ad is not supported by the landing pages.

Write some new ads offering only what is supported by your landing pages. Test often!

Best of Luck!




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