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When does a campaign Mature

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In your experience with adwords, when do you consider a campaign to have matured?


  • is it when you start reaching 90%+ impression share
  • start hitting your CPA goals
  • CPC starts coming down etc


Many thanks

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September 2015

Re: When does a campaign Mature

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Hello cartman,


It's a generic question and I must say that for every advertiser there should be different goals (generating traffic, brand recognition, leads, sales etc....) to accomplish when talking about Google Adwords.


My opinion here would be that a campaign is said to be optimized when you start achieving ROI as per the plans. 

Your ultimate goal is generating revenue out of Google Adwords, so I consider all factors apart till the time your profit is achieved.


You might achieve a 90% impression share but the fact remains whether your impressions are targeting relevant users online or not.


Your Avg. CPC will automatically reduce once your ad rank starts improving and your Quality Score is perfect.


Of course, CTR is another important metric which should be high in order to achieve the above.


Lastly, I can conclude by saying that I don't consider any campaign to be fully matured (as you said) because the process of optimization is continuous in nature and you have to keep working regularly in order to sustain the competition and achieve the relevancy factor.


Just few of my thoughts!


Re: When does a campaign Mature

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I agree with Pankaj here.


From the beneficiary's point of view, it should never be considered as matured, as many things happen all the time and there's always room for improvement. Search term reports, new keywords, negative keywords, new ads, bid changes, etc.


From an agency point of view, if your contract states that you aim for a certain CPA and you hit that, you may stop, in theory, but that does not say that you couldn't do even better, had you decided to keep optimizing.


One could say, though, that when the marginal cost is higher than the benefit, you cannot do any better. But who knows what the marginal cost is without analysis, and who can say that there couldn't be someone else who could do it cheaper Smiley Happy.

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