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Whats the reason of high cpc ?

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My keyword's

quality score is 7/10

CTR 25% 

Average Possition is 3 

Estimated First Page Bid $0.85

Estimated Top Page Bid $2.25

But I see adwords has cut $8.26 for two clicks .

Whats the reason ? and How can I Reduce the CPC ?





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September 2015

Re: Whats the reason of high cpc ?

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Good morning.


The difference between the click costs "estimates" you see in the UI and what clicks cost in the "real world" can be significant. Smiley Happy  The estimated costs are based largely on quality and relevance. Real costs are based on the marketplace. As you're seeing. (The estimates will never be more precise--Google's software can't keep up with the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who are changing bids on millions of keywords, sometimes several times a day!)


What actually determines click cost is competition--how many other advertisers are competing to get their ads triggered for a keyword and what are they willing to pay for a click?  If you're seeing click costs in the range you say, then you can assume that your competitors for those searches are bidding in that range--or possibly much higher, to get the same traffic you want.


All you can really do is to make sure your ads are as good as possible, so that people know precisely what you're offering before they click--and that your landing page(s) provides the best possible visitor experience, so that the people who do click your ad and visit your site want to buy from you and not the competition!


(Of course, you can bid less. Your ads might win many fewer ad auctions and you'll probably see even fewer clicks, but those clicks will cost you less.)


Hope that helps!

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Re: Whats the reason of high cpc ?

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Hi asazad555,

Out of curiosity, and for further clairification, could you tell us what Your Bid for the 2 keywords wer (don't need to know the words, just the bids) and your daily budget??

Re: Whats the reason of high cpc ?

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Hy Theresa,

Thanks a lot . Now I am clear about the reason behind it.

Re: Whats the reason of high cpc ?

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Hi RPquest,

Yea sure , It was for one keyword.My Max. CPC was $6.00 and my daily budget is $30.00  .


Please leave your suggetion if you hope that would be helpful for me.




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