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What would be an smart effective keyword

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Recently I have gone through many articles, forums and video to find a very basic yet important concept related to keyword generation and I wasn't able to find a satisfying answer. Usually many discussion take you to the basics of creating keyword rather than smart way of creating keyword.


I will elaborate with an example. Lets say that I am selling iPhone Cases (only an example). Knowing there are many users of iPhone in Canada and much competition, I have limited my geo targeting to 2-3 Km from my store.


In general people are searching for various types of iPhone cases , many brands, types and more. I typical Search term would look something like this.


hardcover case iphone 5 with shoulder strap   

hybrid rubber silicone skullcap iphone 4s case com

Its rear to find a search term "iphone cases" or iphone 5 case.

My question:

Can someone suggest 5 keywords which they think would be most relevant for someone advertizing iphone Case in a highly competitive market. 

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Re: What would be an smart effective keyword

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Good afternoon.


You could try using Modified Broad Match (MBM) keywords, to pull the widest range of searches. I'd suggest keeping a very close eye on your search queries so you can add appropriate negative keywords as you identify them.


You need to identify your core keywords, and then your second-tier keywords.  In your example, two words are your "core."  Those are iphone and case.  You'd want to include those in each of your MBM keywords.


That would make your sample five look like this:


+iphone +case +hardcover

+iphone +case +strap

+iphone +case +rubber

+iphone +case +sillcone

+iphone +case +hybrid


You don't necessarily need to add the phone model (5 or 4s) in the keyword but if you offer cases for only a limited number of models, you should list those in your ad text to avoid wasting money on unwanted clicks.


These five MBM variations will pull searches that include all the words in each sample plus whatever words the searcher might also add.  You should monitor performance closely and add or remove MBM variations as you figure out which ones are pulling the right traffic for you.


Does that help?


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Re: What would be an smart effective keyword

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A few suggestions for you, and this sort-of precedes Theresa's excellent advice.

Taking your first idea as an example "hardcover case iphone 5 with shoulder strap"

Why would someone want a hardcover case? Why a shoulder strap? So think instead "carry your iPhone5 with ease - a shoulder strap does the job" "your iPhone's valuable, keep it safe with a hard cover". Now both of these are off the top of my head and hardly examples of sensible marketing - but do you get the idea? Look at the product from the perspective of the person using it.

Because then you'll get a lot more ideas for potential keywords - one or two of which may prove useful. In any case, it'll give you an idea of the market you serve. And since you have a shop, you can ask your customers what they thought when wanting to buy that accessory.

You can also ask roughly where they live (it may be more than 3kms!). You could always advertise in other areas but with a much reduced bid so it's still served but not so costly.

Now: in a competitive market you have a huge advantage in being able to speak to your customers! Knowing what they like and what frustrations they can have online means you can address those directly - and there's nothing like a person searching ... and finds your ad and thinks "that's wonderful! I've found it at last!!!" because your ad speaks directly to their frustration/problem.

So, stealing from Theresa's ideas - here are my suggestions

+iphone +case +protect
+iphone +protect +hardcover
+iphone +case +scratch
+iphone +case +non-scratch

do you see my leaning here? The point is to try them and find out what your CUSTOMERS want - after all, they're buying not you. Give them the lead and they'll happily show you the way.

Re: What would be an smart effective keyword

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Thank Theresa and Gemma for your valuable feedback. The point that I was trying to make was that normally our keyword are pretty generic like below and the one you suggested

pink iphone case
pink iphone case mississauga
mississauga pink Iphone case.

Keywords being Modified Broad takes up lots of impressions but not a single Exact match. I read a book by Craig Danuloff and exact matches has high importance in building up a good quality score and it seems to be that exact matches are hard to get for some products.

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Re: What would be an smart effective keyword

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quality score is made up primarily from your CTR. That means if you're getting clicks, your QS will be at least stable. The CTR is Google's measure (roughly anyway) of determining how good your ad and landing page are. Make sure that both ad and landing page speak to the kind of people who are walking into your shop - so if you can remember a conversation you had with someone on a certain topic, use the phraseology and you'll see a real effect on your visitor statistics.

Your adwords problem is that you have a very small campaign, and whilst an exact match would work for "pink iphone hard cover" worldwide, in a radius of 3 miles or so ... you need to find a balance between (say) phrase match for some keywords and broad match for others (plus stacks of negative keywords!!). Remember that Craig Danuloff is speaking to advertisers who have a spend in the $100s of dollars a day and upwards.

You'll really have to look where your purchases are coming from (and your customers - see above) to determine how to run your campaign to its best. You don't have the comfort of scale, you do have the advantage of real people in your shop.