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What things need to keep in mind at campaign analysis

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HI All,


What things need to keep in mind at the time of campaign analysis.




Re: What things need to keep in mind at campaign analysis

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Hello Lata J

The most important thing are your goals. What are your goals.
Are your campaigns set up for your goals?

You can go from broad to smaller analysis :
How is your campaign doing overall?
How are your adgroups in that campaign doing?
Then the different ads and keywords.

If something is not what you want or is not optimal. Try to find metrics that give an indication what factors could have caused that situation. Can the data from the ads or keywords give direction to such causes. You can look at different metrics to get ideas about it and different perspective.


I hope this helps you

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: What things need to keep in mind at campaign analysis

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The most important metrics to look at are:

- Conversions (Sales / Leads / Phonecalls)
- Cost per conversion
- Clicks
- Impressions
- Click through rate
- Cost

Start at the top of the list and work your way down. E.g. if your conversions are low, that's a good place to start, then check if you're getting enough clicks, if no then that might explain why you have few conversions; if yes, then you need to either look at the landing page or keywords, and so on.