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What the heck is a follow on view in adwords

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September 2015

Re: What the heck is a follow on view in adwords

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Hi TatM,


The best information I was able to find was not from Google directly but reliable so I feel okay reporting it back to you.


This stat is a part of 'Downstream Video Analytics'.  A follow-on view is a video view on a specific YouTube channel after a paid view from a visitor.


Example:  Joe ends up viewing your video #1 after clicking an ad for it.  This is a paid view.  Joe then explores your YouTube channel and watches another video #2, this second view is a follow-on view, a non-paid video view that follows a paid view.  They want to show that by getting paid views, secondary views happen as well.


Hope this helps!



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Re: What the heck is a follow on view in adwords

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Hi there, 


This is a link that also references the "follow on view" metric from the Help Centre, but PPCBossman has given a great summary here!