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What's the best way to become *really* good at Adwords?

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Hi guys,


Looking to hear from the people who consider themselves fairly proficient at Adwords. So far, I've:


-Read the entire training chapters offered by Google

-Active in online forums

-Hired 3/4 different adwords 'experts' in my area to help me create/optimize my campaign.


I want to get good at this stuff. Not decent but actually good. What is the best way to do this? Is there a famous course? Or maybe something like the PPC Hero Conference? 


I'd rather not work for an actual PPC agency but maybe that's the best route.

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Re: What's the best way to become *really* good at Adwords?

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I do believe that if one practices an activity enough, one will eventually master it. Practice makes perfect. I still recall how I could not help falling asleep after 10 minutes as soon as I started to go through long pages of various policies. In contrast when you face real problems and real issues the experience you gain will stick. Working part time for an agency sounds a good idea and participation in various debates or communities seems another one. When you face a real problem, look up the appropriate part of theory too. Swing between practice and theory that would prove an ideal mixture to get you go ahead. 


Well there might be different approaches, of course. This one is adjusted to my own mindset and I tend to think it should be working for most of you. Well, my 2 cents.






Re: What's the best way to become *really* good at Adwords?

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Practice, practice, practice, and in between some theory

Work with as many as as different kinds of accounts/clients as you can
Big, small, services, products, local, global, as many branches as you can
SPeak with and listen to other people a lot Conferences? Well, I am not sure they are worth the time and money very often
You´ll gain a lot by reading, asking and answering posts in this forum