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What's the best type of ad campaign for music videos to get exposure ?

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This is my first time advertising. I have original songs and want music buyers to be able to find my videos and purchase the songs on Itunes.

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September 2015

Re: What's the best type of ad campaign for music videos to get exposu

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Hi John and welcome to the forum.  Wow, you've picked a tricky way to start advertising!  Promoting creative work - especially if the artist is relatively unknown - can be very difficult.


The key problem is that most traditional forms of advertising rely either upon the potential customer already knowing they need the product in question or for that product being something for which it is relatively easy to induce a desire.  Simple examples would be the sort of Ads you see on TV for soap powders - everyone runs out at some point - so this would appeal to those "ready to buy".  If the next Ad I see after the soap brand Ad is for a new brand of seasoning or a special offer from a supermarket, I might well be easily persuaded to pick up that product while I'm out buying the soap powder.


With creative works - and this applies almost equally to any creative work; music, film, photography, writing, etc.  - it is highly unlikely that any particular person at any particular time is looking to buy.  What is worse, even if they are looking to buy (say I decide I'd like a new painting for my study and want to choose a new local artist), how are you going to target them?


This issue will require some thought, and I can't give you a complete solution now, but here's some things to consider.  Firstly, make sure you understand the different options available to you with Adwords.


  • The Search network allows you to show Ads when people search on Google.  You'll have seen these Ads on the right of search results and sometimes above them.  
  • The Display network allows you to show Ads on the websites of other people and companies.  Again, you'll probably have seen these while surfing the web.  They can appear pretty much anywhere on a web page and come in a variety of formats - from very simple text Ads to complex animated image versions.
  • You can, of course, also advertise on YouTube.

You also have options for targeting your Ads to different devices such as desktops, tablets or mobiles and to different demographics such as sex or age, and geographical regions.


As a very broad guide, I would suggest that the Display network and YouTube are probably your best bets.  For the former, I'd use managed placements to pick websites that suit your work and for the latter I'd concentrate on channels and interests in a similar fashion.


Managed Placements

YouTube Ads


You may find this article I wrote some time ago of use.  It's about ebooks rather than music, but much of the advice is just as relevant.


Can Adwords Sucessfully Promote an eBook?


Let us know how you get on.



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