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What is your keyword expansion strategy?

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Hi community,


I was wondering what you all do from a keyword expansion + negatives strategy standpoint.


To provide context here, I manage adwords for a B2B technology company with a particularly long sales cycle. Adwords is primarily used for lead generation.


Back on topic, I hear some people like to add keywords as exact match to ad groups if it has converted a user -- no matter what.


Currently, my ad groups are pretty tightly structured with 2-4 keywords each.



What do you all do in these situations? Do you break them out into separate ad groups? How do you determine if they're good enough to do so.


Would love to hear your thoughts here!





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Re: What is your keyword expansion strategy?

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Hi JP,


For a new account, I prefer to start with broad match and BMM. Once I have enough performance history, I act accordingly to use Exact Match. The reason why I do this is - I find broad match the best way to discover new keywords and negative-keywords. 


I would advise you go through the following threads, they all have very insightful answers that would be helpful to you -


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Same Keyword, Different Match Types in one Ad Group

Adding the same keyword but different match type to a another ad group


Hope it helps.


Ratan Jha

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Re: What is your keyword expansion strategy?

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Hi JP,


Like @Ratan-Jha I tend to have broader terms at the start of a new Campaign to capture the data then make use of the Search Detail report a lot to find appropriate additional phrase and exact matches that stand out from the crowd.


Personally, I'm a tough sell in terms of "employing" new Keywords.  1 conversion certainly wouldn't be enough for me as that could be the only conversion that Keyword ever gets.  I don't have any hard rules but I look for much more consistent performance before I'll create a new Keyword to handle those matches.  Bear in mind that if you've got good Quality Scores there may be little benefit in creating a new Keyword when conversions are coming in quite well using the existing ones.  The only real benefits are those that might be possible by using even more relevant Ads and perhaps an even more precise landing page and those benefits might be quite small.


I tend to keep my Keyword counts low, concentrating on those that perform well and tweaking them so that their performance is as good as it can be.


With a mature Account with lots of data, I'll often end up with just one Keyword per Group - it's the ultimate in Ad Relevance...



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