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What is the right keywords for my campaign?

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Hello guys,


My name is Raj Kishore and i am going to run my first ppc campaign on behalf of a web design company based in India. The company website is I am running this campaign in United State. And i am using these keywords for my campaign:


Website Design Company India

Web Designing Company in India

Web Design in India


My question is that these keywords are right?  If someone has worked for a web design and development agency based in India, then please suggest suggest me what keywords is right for targeting.




Raj Kishore

Re: What is the right keywords for my campaign?

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi Raj, 


While you started the right way, I'd suggest perusing through this Keyword Check list  and the Keyword Guide to make sure you have your ground covered. 


Good luck, 




Re: What is the right keywords for my campaign?

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Rak K,

When ever I am looking for keywords, my first and foremost source of keyword data is not The Keyword planner, it my own actual Analytics Stats, and Webmaster tools.

I look for keywords in which people have Already Visited my site, made conversions and it give me the proof of concept that my landing pages, and these terms are relevant to what I am trying to convey on my website.

From that data, I will build out both Keywords and Negative Keyword using either the keyword planner or inside the ad group creation of suggested keywords.

At the end of the day, your budget, bid, CTR, Quality Score, Ad Rank, Ads, Landing pages will determine your success in your marketing endeavors. How you use the data, from the campaigns you run to make correct analysis and decisions will be vital as well.

One thing many marketers forget, is their competition, When competition is large, they need to be able to stand out with a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that sets them apart from the competition and convey that message in their Ad campaigns, landing pages and part of the "Companies Standards and Practices". If you can't live up to your USP then that's another story.

Also Raj, your data, your website, your ads, your prices, your conversions, will be unique to you and it is up to you to test, refine, tweak, understand the Adwords Platform and make the best decisions based upon the "results data you receive". Ie Impressions, Clicks, CPC's Ad Rank, Ad Positions, Goal Completions, Conversion Tracking, etc.



PS.. Try and think what a "Customer would be looking for,  What problem does your "Company Solve" and what resonates with what is stated on your website, call's to actions and then Match those thought by brainstorming keywords, and creating ads that convey that message and lead them to the correct landing pages, that can convert.


Good Luck

Re: What is the right keywords for my campaign?

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Hi Raj Kishore sir,
I have a better answer for ur question according to my knowledge.It is simple if u have an adwords a/c log in to a/c and go to tools get a list of keywords from keyword planner for your product..They composed into 3 types High,Medium,low..Better to choose 3 high,5 medium,5 low competition keywords to reduce bidding cost on keywords.

May my answer will help you,
good luck sir.

Re: What is the right keywords for my campaign?

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Hi mam,
My name is gopi.Is there any limit for number of campaigns,ad groups and ads in adwords account?.please clarify my doubt..

Re: What is the right keywords for my campaign?

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Badged Google Partner
same answer as before - GOPI

Create and manage more than one campaign
Did you know that an AdWords account can contain as many as 10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns) per account, 20,000 ad groups per campaign, and 50 text ads per ad group? That's a lot to manage! Fortunately, you can manage your campaigns and ads from just two places in your account. The Ads and Campaigns tabs (both under your main Campaigns tab) are where you can view and edit your campaigns and ads. You can even copy settings from one campaign to multiple campaigns and make new ads based on existing ads.