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What is the best way to organize Adwords account for multi language website?

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Hi everyone. Could you please advise me on the following issue.


I am running multi language EC site which has 6 languages versions and will have more in the near future.

For each language I have a lot of campaigns in my Adwords account targeted to different countries, devices etc.


If I add some more language versions to my website, my campaign's number will grow significantly, so it would be really hard to manage them.

Besides, I am planning to ask some PPC specialists to help me with advertising, so naturally every language campaigns will be managed by

different companies or freelance specialists.


Conversions tracking tag is common for all language versions.

What will be the best way to organize my Adwords account properly?




Thank you!

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July 2016

Re: What is the best way to organize Adwords account for multi language website?

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Hi @ZenMarketjp J with multiple countries and languages I'd almost certainly use separate Accounts linked under an MCC, probably by country.  So you'd have one Account for the UK, one for France, etc.  This would not only make organisation easier, but would allow you to grant access on a per Account basis (so you could grant access only to the France Account for your French speaking assistants and so on.


The only thing you'd need to ensure is that no two Accounts could ever show their Ads to the same person, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're targeting by country.



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