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What is the best ad setup for me to reach my customers

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I am wonder what messages I should use on my ads to better get the attention of my potential customers

Also how much should I spend on the ads per day?

Re: What is the best ad setup for me to reach my customers

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I think you've unintentionally asked a question similar to, "How do I make money online?"


The answer is big, potentially complicated, and requires us to know a large number of variables.


The first thing I'd advise you to do is to get more familiar with how Adwords works and what's required to correctly target your potential customers. I usually recommend people do the Adwords Professional Certification Training. Even though it's for professionals I feel it does a good job getting people up to speed and dangerous fairly well. You can reach the training page here.


Once you know how to target the searches that your potential customers are using to find services or products like you are offering you'll have a much better idea of what type of messaging to use on your ads.


Typically PPC (Pay per click) marketing on search engines like Google is great for targeting customers ready to buy because search engine users will often use words that indicate they're ready to make a purchase within their search query. 


If you find yourself targeting those types of individuals and your market is very price conscious it could be really good to include the dollar amount of the product you're offering or deals like 'Free Shipping', etc. As always, it's best practice to include the actual keyword you're using within the ad.


Some common, tricks of the trade include using numbers, hyphens, 'Official Site', year, etc. within the ad. Anything that helps the ad seem more relevant to their search and stand out from the crowd will help response rate.


I've also found a lot of success using really short ads in areas where advertisers are using all of the available ad space. 


You'll be able to find a huge amount of articles online on how to write compelling ads. Here is one from Search Engine Land that's a pretty good starter


As for how much you should spend on ads per day....


That depends on so many things. Ultimately, if you're making a better ROI from your ads than you would get from any other marketing medium you should spend as much as you can. 


If you're just starting a campaign it may take a little bit to really dial in on what your click through rate and conversion rates are. Once you know what kind of performance you can expect you'll be able to determine much better how much to spend on ads.