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What is excellent practice to improve QS ( Quality Score ) ?

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What is bence mark of Good CTR? How does Google Decide. I have one Ad Group wherein highest CTR keyword has lowest QS. How can it possible? Ad relevance is also major issue. How can improve it?
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Re: What is excellent practice to improve QS ( Quality Score ) ?

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Firstly, think of Quality Score as a score out of 10.00 - so you can have 3.33 of your score coming from one thing, 3 from another, 3.66 from another. 


Google looks at the three main areas - Expected CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience - but also takes into account the account history of keywords. Let me go into some detail:


Expected CTR

This is a tricky one because ideally you'd need high rank to get a higher CTR, and in order to get a high rank you need a high Quality Score. One solution is to "over bid" so you have the best chance of appearing high on the page so you get more clicks. Sometimes it can be the ad copy that stops people clicking on it as much as expected, so even if you have Above Average for ad relevance, play with ad variations that have strong calls to action to see if you can increase CTR that way. 


Ad Relevance

4-5 Variations of an ad should do! The key areas are probably display URL - try and have the keyword or a version of the keyword in the display URL, create versions of description lines that are 35 + 35 characters long and also 70 characters long (e.g. imagine for the first you're writing two separate lines, separated with punctuation, and in the other write a strong 70 character message).


As the name suggests, just keep all your ad versions relevant to the keywords in the Ad Group. If you still aren't having much luck, consider splitting up the Ad Group to make sure there's a very precise focus of keywords and ads.


Landing Page Experience

Possible the simplest - is your landing page user friendly? Does it have calls to action, phone numbers, links to other pages, is it related to the ad and keyword, does it contain a lot of annoying ads and is it easy to access the information the user wants?


Account History

You could think of this as the "average" quality score of your account. This is the reason you don't want to bid on competitor terms in the same account as your generics - because those terms would be very low QS and that can have an impact on all your other terms. You can also do the opposite and include terms you know will be high QS like your brand name.


Over Bidding

When I'm struggling, I often bid sometimes twice as much as the avg. CPC to get the ads in high positions so AdWords has more impression and click data to use when calculating Quality Score. 


I really hope this helps!



Re: What is excellent practice to improve QS ( Quality Score ) ?

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Just as an addition to this great answer from @ali Syme - Expected CTR is based on ad position - Google knows that ads in the top slots get a better CTR - that's the "expected" part. So you don't need to obsess with position. If Google expects a 0.5%CTR in position 6 and your ad is getting 1% - then you are well above average - FOR THE AD POSITION.... of course, the volumes for the lower positions are lower and so it is a good point that the more data your feed through to Google the better. Higher ad positions can do that more effectively.

Re: What is excellent practice to improve QS ( Quality Score ) ?

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Adding one more point here.
As the topic is more about the expected CTR reason being, this is the most dominating factor of QS.

Now going back to the same topic, expected CTR is highly effected with how exact the user query is to your keywords. That means an exact match keyword will contribute most than any other loose keyword match type.

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Re: What is excellent practice to improve QS ( Quality Score ) ?

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Google’s quality score determines how beneficial and relevant your ad is to the user, based primarily on your ad’s CTR, quality of your landing page and keyword relevance. Higher quality score keywords will save your money and earn better ad ranking.
CTR:- CTR measure the performance of ads and keywords on the basis of clicks and impressions.
Ad Relevancy:- Ads should be relevant with targeted keywords.
Landing Page Expereince:- Landing Page should be relevant with targeted keywords.
Historic Account Data as Well.

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