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What gets more impressions, interests or topics?

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In a display campaign, I can choose a certain category under Interests, which targets people or, I can choose Topics, which target websites.


In general, which will give me more impressions, a category in Interests or Topics? In other words, if I were to have two campaigns and choose "Hobbies and Leisure" in Interests for one campaign and choose "Hobbies and Leisure" in Topics for the second campaign, which one will generally have more impressions?




Re: What gets more impressions, interests or topics?

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When topics and interest categories first came out, interest categories definitely seemed to generate more impressions than topics, but topics seemed to convert at a higher rate.


Now, It seems like the situation may have changed - Although any particular topic/interest category could/will vary depending on the specific circumstances. Topics still seem like a very effective form of conversion optimized display targeting, but the key is still in the specific placements of course.


If you are just looking for impression branding with the display network - Try creating a CPM campaign, and target KW's, topics, and interest categories in their own adgroups within the campaign, and see what happens(?). If all other things are equal (bids, ads, etc.) then look at the placement reports for the campaign, and find those high impression placements regardless of targeting method. Manage those placements, and then see which placement / topic, KW, or category combination is most effective.