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What does the mobile option on call extensions REALLY do?

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Okay, I've read several explanations of the 'mobile' option on call extensions and still am not clear on how it actually works?


My search text ads (and landing pages) are optimized well for BOTH mobile and desktop.  The info says if you check mobile then the call extension is preferred for mobile, if it's not checked it's preferred for desktop.


I want to maximize impressions of the call extension NO MATTER WHAT the device!  


However you can only assign one call extension per campaign - so you can't do both at the same time. 


This seems once again to be one of those grey mysterious areas where the only way to really tell is to run experiments and see the difference in impressions and CTR.



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What does the mobile option on call extensions REALLY do?

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Hi Jeff,

My understanding is that if you are using the same phone number, there is no need to set it as mobile preferred.

However, you can add multiple call extensions to a campaign, if you wish.

Google's help page is a bit vague on the topic:

When you give preference to mobile phones, your call extension will be less likely to show on desktop and laptop computers.
If a campaign or ad group has only mobile-optimised call extensions, these may show on desktop and laptop computers. To avoid this, include standard call extensions of the same type as the mobile-optimised call extensions in your campaign.