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What does a 10/10 Quality Scored Google Ad look like?

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What does a 10/10 Quality Scored Google Ad look like, and what does the corresponding "relevant" landing page look like?

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Re: What does a 10/10 Quality Scored Google Ad look like?

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Hi IanAJones,


That's a tough question. We never really see the QS of an ad, but there are some indications when you hover of the bubble next to keywords.


Here's what it really means. "What's the probability that this keyword/ad combination will get a click?" This is done by looking over your account history for that keyword/ad combination.


What's a relevant landing page? That's a bit tougher to answer. First, the landing page must comply with all the rules. There is a thing they call "user experience", which, again, is vaguley defined. These things can knock the "QS" down a bit. But, in the end, it is the probability of getting a click with this keyword/Display URL combination.


So what do these things look like? They will look different for each advertiser. There is no simple answer or solution.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: What does a 10/10 Quality Scored Google Ad look like?

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The main factors that determine QS are:


  • Your keyword's past clickthrough rate (CTR): How often that keyword led to clicks on your ad
  • Your display URL's past CTR: How often you received clicks with your display URL
  • Your account history: The overall CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account
  • The quality of your landing page: How relevant, transparent, and easy-to-navigate your page is
  • Your keyword/ad relevance: How relevant your keyword is to your ads
  • Your keyword/search relevance: How relevant your keyword is to what a customer searches for
  • Geographic performance: How successful your account has been in the regions you're targeting
  • Your ad's performance on a site: How well your ad's been doing on this and similar sites (if you're targeting the Display Network)
  • Your targeted devices: How well your ads have been performing on different types of devices, like desktops/laptops, mobile devices, and tablets – you get different Quality Scores for different types of devices

Link to QS information


For me, the main factor that will determine QS will be CTR. The more cliocks an ad gets the higher Google's ECPM (earnings per thousand impressions) is. Essentially the more clicks your ad generates, the more money they get.