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What do you think about 'optimise for conversions'?

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Hi guys,


Would like your opinion on using rotation setting 'optimise for conversions' as an advanced AdWords user.

I have optimised my account (split testing etc) and during this time the ad rotation was set to 'rotate evenly'.

Believe it is time now to let the account do its job, but don't wanna set the rotation setting to optimise for clicks.

The ads with biggest chance of clicks, are not the best converting ads! However I have read some bad experiences with setting to optimise for conversions'.

Any experiences, advices, tips?



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Re: What do you think about 'optimise for conversions'?

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Hi IS,


According to this documentation, both CTR and Conversions are taken into account when using this setting.  If you have strong Conversion data to work with, I don't see why you can't give it a shot and see how it performs. 


I'm afraid there is probably not one perfect answer to this.  Many factors will be directly related to your account.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: What do you think about 'optimise for conversions'?

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I haven't really used optimize for conversions, as that might not be the one with the best CPA etc.

You may want to get the best performance simply pausing the ads that aren't as good.

We've had issues using Google's conversion optimizer. However, you aren't using the optimizer, you are just setting the ad rotation.

Re: What do you think about 'optimise for conversions'?

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Badged Google Partner

Experience With?


Yes, definitely! Given the ad rotation settings changes coming, for conversion focus campaigns, I am leaning towards optimize for conversions as the default for these campaigns, not opt. for clicks. I am also a fan of CPA bidding for such campaigns. It takes a little different way of thinking about your campaign structure, but after using the option (for a couple years?) I like CPA bidding more and more. Using optimize for conversions as the ad rotation setting for CPA campaigns, seems to help improve conversion performance even further.


Although, You may lose some impressions and traffic, because the system considers those users/impressions less likely to convert. Unless you already have 100% impression share for the campaign, you are already missing some potential impressions anyway. The change in ad rotation settings does force the issue. I would just stick with rotate if I could, because I'm always testing ad copy. Smiley Happy Anywho...




I do think the opt for conv. ad rotation, and some form of conversion enhanced bidding, are most effective when used in combination with one another. The biggest differnce in campaign structure for me, was learning to optimize adgroups based not just on theme, but also group KW's by avg. CPA in a highly themed adgroup. If I have one exact match KW that generates the majority of conversions in that campaign, I will put that KW in it's own adgroup. If there were 5 other KW's in that "themed" adgroup, that all convert at close to the same average CPA, now I know the one KW skewing the adgroup data has been isolated, and I can further optimize my conversions and CPA.


In general, I would rather use opt for conversions rotation, than opt for clicks rotation, for conversion focused campaigns. 


Re: What do you think about 'optimise for conversions'?

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