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What did Happen with my Adwords ads ?

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Hi every one ! I have a questions that is bugging my head all night and day, here is the challange i am facing with my adwords,..the very first time i advertise on google with a very little knowledge how to write good ads copy or how to increasing Ctr- magically it made sales, even with a limited knowledge ! even more I can make a big sale in fact , so i am more excited to scale up and put more money in adwords then I learn more how adwords works to optimize it, I start to learn increasing Ctr,setting up bid, key word research bla..bla, but you know what happen next ? it was crushed ! i had no sales at all  - what did happen with my adwords ? was it only a luck ? by the way I sell training for company- with less then 10 $  adwords spent and I was able to sell a training service worth 5,000 $ ,please share any advice or similar experience would be very helpful for me Thank you.

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Re: What did Happen with my Adwords ads ?

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Hi @english21 A how are you doing now?


AdWords can be quite inconsistent when it comes to sales, I've seen 5 conversions in a day, then nothing for two weeks, so it is possible that you were just "lucky" to get such a good result in the first few days.  Are you still advertising, have you had any more success recently?



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