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What bid should I use for remarketing?

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Hi All,


Just launched my first remarketing campaign - I'm not sure if I've done the right thing with the bidding strategy though - what is the best practice with this?


Should the remarketing bids be higher or lower or the same as the normal search bids?


Thanks for any help



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September 2015

Re: What bid should I use for remarketing?

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Hi Laura,

I would like to study the following link :-

This link help you regarding remarketing concepts and bidding strategies.

Tushar Rajput

Re: What bid should I use for remarketing?

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Hello LauraBBurn


Is your remarketing campaign targeted at the Display Network ? If so , it is not recommended to use keywords to narrow the targeting, as it is already narrowed when you target only previous visitors.

So I would not use keywords or similar bids on keywords as the bids from Search.


I would use a single bid per audience, no matter what sites they visit , as they have already demonstrated an interest in your site by ariving on it through Search or other sources ( organic/direct/referral) , when they were added to the remarketing list.


This bid should be high enough to allow a reasonable amount of impressions but not too high in order to still obtain profitabilty from conversions.

Re: What bid should I use for remarketing?

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As member said for your display remarketing campaign there is no need to add keywords for your remarketing ads, use bid for placement rather than keywords.


And generally bid for first position in remarketing is less than normal campaign, but not necessary for all user.