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What are the Best Practices for Broad Match Modifier (BMM)?

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Hi all,


I come to know about this broad match modifier which seems to be awesome trick to get clicks and good QS.

But I have few question about same.


Let me start with example first:

If I use below modifier in one ad group:

+marvel +sangria

+marvel +sangria pune

+marvel +ganga sangria


Is this right way to do broad match modifier? Will google also show ads on synonymous query? What are the best practices?

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Re: What are the Best Practices for Broad Match Modifier (BMM)?

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Hi Mansoor,

When it comes to BMM I like to follow a fairly simple rule: The words that I choose to modify will be the defining factor of the ad group & campaign they are in.

So if you have an "flowers" campaign, then firstly all instances of flowers will be modified within that campaign, then look at the adgroup specifics and decide there what is the most important aspect of the ad group. In other words why have I seperated this ad group from the others.

Perhaps it is an intent ad group with modifiers such as Buy or Purchase, in that case those words will then have a modifier. Perhaps colour is the defining factor, in which case Red will be modified.

I then use this guideline to extrapolate to all keywords. It also helps to ensure that your ad groups have a clear and defined distinction between them, ensuring a themed structure that allows me to direct the correct traffic to the correct landing page using a relevant ad.

Hope this helps!

Re: What are the Best Practices for Broad Match Modifier (BMM)?

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Nice appearance by Clynton;
I should add that I do not use the "classic" broad match anymore. The list of synonyms under "broad" is endless... You could have an ad triggered against a query no one would imagine it could be a synonym (of a keyword)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: What are the Best Practices for Broad Match Modifier (BMM)?

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Hi Clynton,


It would be great if you tell if I am doing wrong in above example. Also is it good practice to add two type of keywords in same ad group?
1. keywords with BMM

2. keywords with broad type.


Or what would you recommend?


Note: the keyword I am targeting isless traffic volume.

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Re: What are the Best Practices for Broad Match Modifier (BMM)?

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Hi Mansoor,

I, like Moshe, do not use plain broad match either. Every keyword has a root that you wish to maintain, a key idea that is the focus of your intention for adding that keyword to your account.

There is no issue with having broad keywords and modified in the same keyword. So for example:
Red +Flowers +London.

In this example only Flowers and London are 'required' for a match.

With regards to your example, Just keep in mind the guidelines I talked about and make a decision based on your particular account structure and plan for the account.

Modify the important aspects of the key word, and keep the important aspects consistent in each ad group. You do not want to mix themes and therefore have less relevant ads and 'general' landing pages.

Good Luck