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What about the keywords that not working since past many months.

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My ad groups are doing better now,. Thanks for your advice


Now I see that there are many keywords that have never converted. And we keep adding from Search Term Details, based on user searches.  But there are hundreds of keywords that I see have never converted but few have lots of impressions and few have lots of clicks (but no conversion). I am confused as to what is the standard practice. Should I remove it from the list permanently or create separate ad groups to manage them.


What is the advice of the group for standard practice.

Also is there some litrature available that can be reffered to?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: What about the keywords that not working since past many months.

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Hi Chris13,


Keywords that get lots of impressions but no clicks tend to reduce your account score and that, in turn, can reduce your QS for your other keywords. It's not good for your account to continue to run those keywords.


Keywords that have lots of impressions and lots of clicks but no conversion could be good for your account score, but they are bad for your business bottom line.


You could move them to a more focused AdGroup to see if you can improve performance by matching ad copy to the keywords if you think they will convert well. Otherwise, I would delete them. Hundreds of keywords in a single AdGroup is not the best way to manage your campaigns.


Best of Luck!




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Re: What about the keywords that not working since past many months.

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What I tend to do is look to cherry pick those keywords that convert well, and look to group them tightly around themes.


Bring these into their own ad groups or even campaigns (campaigns work for me because I can then run scheduling and geotargeting as well as tighter budget control).


These are my babies - the ones I pay most attention to.


The others shouldn't be ignored, and if one or two show promise, they can be moved across...


The worst ones are those getting lots of clicks and not converting. If you can change the landing pages and get them to convert instead of losing them so much the better, but otherwise you are looking at wastage - simple as.