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What To Do With Low Traffic - High Quality Score Keywords

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Hey all, first time poster here. I recently have taken over a Google AdWords profile for my work and have been educating myself on how AdWords works over the past 3 weeks. The profile has 4 campaigns with about 10-20 keywords each. A lot of them are low CTR (0-1%) with low impressions (0-1,500), but there are a few that have scored about 10,000 impressions over a 3-month period. However, some keywords have a 2-3% CTR with a high quality score (5/10 or higher) but very low impressions. Immediately I thought that they are just being outbid by competitors, but I don't think this is the case. Is it that these keywords are not being searched in general? Can they be optimized to get more impressions? These keywords are also very similar to other keywords that ARE getting 10,000+ impressions. 


Any insight is much appreciated, I'm sure I'll be posting more questions and am grateful for any response. Thanks. 

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Re: What To Do With Low Traffic - High Quality Score Keywords

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Add the "Impression Share" column to your keyword report. If share is high, then the issue is just a lack of searches.

If share is low, it could be competition, and/or that your other keywords are spending all your money.
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Re: What To Do With Low Traffic - High Quality Score Keywords

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Hi there;
If the search volume (of a given KW) was low you would see a notification: "low search volume".
I would definitely pause / remove KWs which trigger the ad (i.e. Bring impressions) but have low CTR (unless they convert - this could happen).
Focus on improving the CTR (the common techniques: match types, ad-copy, negative keywords...). CTR is the predominant component of QS.
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