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What To Do With Keyword Quality Scores

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All my tags, ads, and keywords match but I still get a low quality score? The best preforming keyword has the lowest score? How do I fix this? Very fustrating. I've re-writen the ads, Changed tags,Discriptions,Even changed site content. ect... Nothing seems to help.

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Re: What To Do With Keyword Quality Scores

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Hi steveneinorland,


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Keyword Quality Score has a major impact on both the success and the costs of your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. High keyword Quality Scores mean you end up paying less for more ad exposure and higher conversion rates.

The following two best practices will raise your Quality Score at every level, from your entire AdWords campaign down to a single keyword:

Practice ongoing keyword grouping: Effective organization of your keyword database is crucial for successful PPC and will greatly increase your chances of achieving high keyword Quality Scores.

Write compelling, relevant ad text: Better ads mean better click-through rates, which raise your keyword QS and save you money.

Re: What To Do With Keyword Quality Scores

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Hi Steven,
This is quite common and it's absolutely essential that you understand the concept of quality score. I'd start here:


Here's a great little overview for you: 


Here's a much more in depth video for you:

It uses the old interface but the ideas are still the same. 

Unless your quality scores are 1-2 across the board, then it's likely a CTR or relevancy issue. As you said, your relevancy appears fine and if it is, it's your CTR. There are many ways to improve this but I'd get a firm grip on the concept of quality score before you dive in. It will help you a lot in the long run.

Finally, I wrote this article a long while back now, but I think it's a good overview of Quality Score, how it impacts your account and what you can do to improve it:

Hope that helped.