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Well... i forgot... :-( Keywords

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Hi everyone,

I forgot the answert to two simples questions : 

- Let's say that you have two keywords :  "sneakers adidas" and [sneakers]. If someone makes a query for sneakers, will these two keywords compete each other or will [sneakers] automatically wins as this is the exact match?

- Also, when you have a different url linked to a keyword, will this link be taken in consideration if the link of the ad is different?


Thanks for your help.





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September 2015

Re: Well... i forgot... :-( Keywords

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Hi Alexandre,

To your first question: These keywords wouldn't compete with each other, as "sneakers adidas" requires those two terms to be in the search term in the same order and hence the exact match keyword would trigger the ad.

To your second question: Keyword destination URL, would take precedence over ad destination URL and hence that's the page a user would be taken to.

Hope that clarifies Smiley Happy

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Well... i forgot... :-( Keywords

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Hi Alex,

I agree with Sumanth on both the questions.

Your Exact matchtype keyword will be the only one that has the chances of getting triggered for the query in questions in the case you highlighted here.

Do give this link a read, it consists of some more examples of what queries can trigger your ads based on the matchtypes you have used.

And lastly, yes, Your keyword destination URL is given preference over the ad copy URL. Here is a link to a similar discussion on the community:

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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