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Well converting keyword performing poorly now. What to do?

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A keyword of mine had been converting well in the past but there seems to be decrease in conversions recently.


What could be the probable reasons and how can I improve its performance again?



Please advice.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Well converting keyword performing poorly now. What to do?

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Hi Naushin,
Keywords don't keep converting at the same rate indefinitely.

If the traffic is the same, you might want to look at your landing page and your competition. Are you still offering a compelling value proposition compared to your competitors? Are your competitors running a promotion or are they offering more value? For example, are they offering the same thing you offer but with a lower price?

It's pretty difficult to give you any more information than that when all you've provided is "my conversion rate has dropped" I'm afraid. We can't see your account or indeed your website/landing page. With that in mind, look at your competitors, look at your traffic and see if it has changed in any way (geographic location) and see if your average position in the auction has increased or decreased and analyse why and how that impacts you.

Hope that helps.

Re: Well converting keyword performing poorly now. What to do?

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@Dave_Davis  gave you some good starting points.


1) Check your Competition to see if your Offer is still a USP - Unique Selling Proposition

2) Check your Ad rank of your keywords,  were you getting conversions in the 1-3 spots but due to lower QS - Quality Scores have you dropped to 4-10?

3) Are you getting the same amount of traffic.


Expanding a little deeper.


What is considered a Conversion.  If you are Ecommerce, it's pretty simple.  Sale / No Sale.  But if your conversion is lead generation then it is a bit different.


How are you tracking conversions. Did you add Adwords conversion tracking script, or are you using Analytics and having that imported back to Adwords?   Check your scripts and use the Tag Assistant (by Google) with chrome to see if there are any conflicts   If you have adwords, cross reference the details from Analytics and Adwords. ( Many times there are discrepancies. Are you tracking conversion for Phone leads? Are you using 3rd party tracking.  Are your goals set up correctly.  Is Analytics set up correctly.


Are your products services still getting high conversions from NON-Paid Traffic?

Data mine your Analytics and determine your "Conversion Rate" from past metrics. Are there patterns?


Identify the actual keywords that did convert in the past.

Log there CTR's, Conversion Rates, Ad Rank Positions and CPC's    Now compare that data with your current results.  


Look at the Segment section in Keywords and check

click type, device, time etc.


Check your Lost Impression share Data



Run an Adwords Auction Insights Report


Run Ad Preview and Keyword Diagnostic reports to check for issues



When you dig into your data, you should be able to see why things are happening, the data tells the story.

Good Luck