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Weird CPC discrepancies

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For reasons that I won’t get into, I had to shut down some accounts and create new ones for the same client.

I’m seeing drastically higher CPCs in the new account and I can’t figure out why.

If I drill down to a particular keyword, and compare this keyword in both accounts, they have similar CTR, QS, Avg Pos., but the CPCs in the new account are roughly double those from the old account. I thought account history might be to blame, but when I look at metrics for all time in both accounts, the older account had much lower CPCs to begin with, nor do CPCs in the new account appear to be trending downward. I don’t think it’s ads either. I haven’t done a comparison with exact ad text, but CPCs in the older account were drastically lower across using many different ads, and the ads in the new account are very similar to the ads in the old account. There are instances where CTR for the newer account is much higher than the same keyword in the old account, but still the new account has MUCH higher CPCs.


Any ideas as to why this might be?




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Re: Weird CPC discrepancies

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Hi Xenophone,


Welcome for posting your doubtSmiley Happy


Before jumping into conclusion we also consider the other factor as well.


1.) Network: on which network are you running the campaigns e.g Search and GDN?

2.) Devices:- Which devices you are targeting the campaigns?

3.) Location:- The location of the campaigns is same as the old account campaigns?

4.) Legacy/Enhanced:- Whether you are running the campaigns in new account is Enhanced or Legacy?



Higher the Avg CPC in new account has several reason that can be concluded after knowing the complete fact of Ad words Quality Score as well as the competition of the market.


Please follow the link that might clear your concept.


Best of Luck--








--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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