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Website Structure and Campaign Structure Strategy

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We need to make our campaign structure in a way that we can cover almost all categories and their products respectively.


What is the best way to structure an ecommerce based campaign?


For example - in mobile phone category. We have brands as campaigns, model numbers as adgroups. Like Motorola as campaign and 'moto g' as one adgroup.


But in case of category like 'Books' there are millions of Titles. similiarly in case of electronic appliances like Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and so on.


Looking forward to hear great replies Smiley Happy 




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Re: Website Structure and Campaign Structure Strategy

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Hi Rohan

You need to run the campaign for e commerce related website

For example you need to run the campaign for books here we go these option

Campaign name : Books

Ad group Name: Fiction , Commic , Novals Etc (Here We take the book Type)

Keywords : Prepare the keywords related to book type which is available on Ad group name

Here We have Another Option to build the Books Campaign Like these Manner

Campaign Name : Books

Ad group Name : Book Author Names ( Shaiksphere , James rolling Etc)

Keywords : Prepare the keywords related the desired authored name keywords

Similarly For Electronics

Here We Take the Example For TV

Campaign Name : Televisions

Ad groups : Brands

Keywords: Prepare the keywords related to the brand terms Like (Sony televisions, Lg televisions, samasung televisions.

Similarly you need to create the another ad groups Like these manner

Ad group : 32 inch , 22 inch , LED , 3d , 4k ,

Keywords : Prepare the keywords like based on their ad group names for example your ad group is 32 inch prepare the keywords like buy 32 inch tv , 32 inch tv online , 32 inch tv buy, Etc

Re: Website Structure and Campaign Structure Strategy

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Hi Rohan,


It is preferred that you follow your website structure while creating campaigns inside your AdWords campaign. Reason being in that case your AdWords account and your website would be in sync with each other and you will not have much difficulties understanding the core structure.


In case of categories which have enormous products, you will have to actually first start with important products and then expand gradually.


This help center reference explains how you should structure your account in sync with your website:


For advanced users, AdWords API is one of the solution which can be followed for bulk edits and other bulk operations:-



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Re: Website Structure and Campaign Structure Strategy

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Hi Rohan, in some cases the only way is the hard way and if you have a very wide range of products covering a wide range of product types then it's likely the only solution is going to lie behind a lot of planning and work implementing those plans.

The method you've already suggested is usually a good one - use Campaigns for the product type then Groups for the individual product so generally speaking this is the approach I'd take regardless of the size of the product list.  What I would do, however, is to use multiple Campaigns for a single product type and then, if necessary or appropriate, consider multiple Accounts to more easily manage a very large inventory.  So, for example, if you have a large number of books, don't just use a single Campaign "Books", but sub-divide them in a logical fashion into an appropriate number of Campaigns.


With a very large product inventory, I'd also be looking to advertise selectively.  Not all your products are going to have the same performance and it's quite likely that from a list of, say, 1000 books only a few dozen really sell well.  I wouldn't try to advertise everything you sell - that'll end up impossible to manage effectively without a lot of continuous effort and it'll be largely wasted if only 5% of everything you've spent days or weeks uploading ever sells.  Use your existing sales data and/or figures from Analytics on consumer interest to inform your choices about what to promote via AdWords.  What sells well organically will typically sell well via AdWords and it's usually a mistake to try and use AdWords to promote products that have a poor track record of organic sales (unless you have firm knowledge that this is due to poor organic results for relevant keywords and similar products have a strong sales history).


With such a project, at the very least you'll be using the AdWords Editor, quite probably Scripts to control bidding and react to performance and, if the project is very large, possibly the API, though do bear in mind the API is not free and is not easy to set up.



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Re: Website Structure and Campaign Structure Strategy

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Dear Rohan ,

I would recommend you to go by the structure of your website . Follow few basics before you jump to building keyword list etc.

Follow few basic steps :-

Step 1 . Find out the categories for which you would want to start your campaigning in first go.

result : - Your Decided Top Categories will be your Campaign Names .

Step 2 : Decide on Sub Categories for each campaign , This will be Ad groups

For eg :

Mobile can have following structure .

Mobiles , Tablets and Accessories - This will be Campaign Name

Ad groups -
Budget Phones
Apple iPhone
Micromax Canvas NitroHOT
Intex Cloud FXRS 1,999
Calling Tablets
Android Tablets
Budget Tablets
Apple iPad
Windows Tablets
New Launches
Oplus Xonphone 5
Celkon Q500
Karbonn Octane
Cases & Covers
Power Banks
Bluetooth Devices
Tablet Accessories
Memory Cards

Further in these Ad groups you can add multiple keywords to maintain campaign structure.

In lay man language you have to create Buckets of similar products , the more close you are with keywords in each ad group, the better will be the ad performance and it will be more easy for you in future to manage your account as whole. I hope this would help you !