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We seem to be getting clicks but no conversions.

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Like others we are getting clicks but no conversions.

We are running 3 Ad Group with Broad Modifier match type keywords and as targeted as possible, with 2 Ad's per keyword.
Total no of keywords are 4, where 3 in Broad Match Modifier & 1 In Phrase match.
Total No of Ads are 7.
only search network

QS on Ad's is 7/10 & 5/10 and a lot of Ad's showing above highly relevance.

in last last 30 days 43 clicks and only 1 conversion.

Site is responsive. Call to action on all landing pages.

Here is landing pages so an outside opinion would be greatly appreciated.

landing page example :





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We seem to be getting clicks but no conversions.

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Well ...

I've take a look to your LP. And seems right.

In my opinion pop up with contact form jumps very soon, but is fine.

Just one note ... "HIRE ANDORID DEVELOPER" (is your H5 meta).


With the adwords campaigne, well ... 43 clicks in last 30 days???

It seems poor ... but according to these clicks, one conversion is not too bad.


Check your CTR and your search impression share, because you need to increase your nb of clicks. Is your budget enough?


If search impression share is enough, you have a problem with CTR. Check your copies and your bids.


If CTR is enough, check your average session duration. It depends on the activity and type of campaign, but i consider 60-90" the minimum for a conversion.


If everything is ok, then your target is too small and you'll need to find another niches but, knowing your sector of activity, i don't think so.

We seem to be getting clicks but no conversions.

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Hi David,

thanks for your suggestion


According to our budget & we are targeting very specific keywords so its enough to get 43 clicks..


But last to last month had got 3 conversions in 20 clicks from same ad groups. 






We seem to be getting clicks but no conversions.

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Hi Quy,


You can't expect the same ratio of conversions every month from so few clicks. You are most likely just seeing randomness.


If one person who converted last month, had made their search this month instead, it would be 2 conversions each month, and you wouldn't be concerned.


If one action can make that much difference, the stats aren't sufficient to be meaningful.


We seem to be getting clicks but no conversions.

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100% agree with RobSketon

More over ... if your keywords are so specific and your Share Impression Share is near to 100%, the ads are being showed to the same audience each month.

You need to find other niches.