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We're getting click attacked!

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A company I do Adwords for gets click attacked daily by either someone clicking the ads multiple times on a mobile phone or using some sort of robot that changes IPs all the time.


In both instances, we cannot exclude IP addresses, so that wont work as a preventative measure.


I was wondering if anyone knows of any other method to prevent this (other than waiting 24-48hrs for Google to refund/adjust stats).


I thought of creating a Remarketing list and excluding that on the Search campaign, as we dont have many repeat customers and it is an emergency service...but that hasnt worked yet.


Any other ideas, anyone?

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Re: We're getting click attacked!

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To be honest with you, getting clicks from same IP address doesn't necessarily mean that it's a click fraud activity. Sometimes the ISP providers assign the same IP address to different users and it looks like you are getting clicks from same set of users.


Also, Google does have sophisticated tools and techniques to take care of their advertisers and preventing them from invalid clicks. Here are more details around this:


Still if you believe that there are issues with the clicks in your account, you can fill up this form and let AdWords investigate and reach back to you for more insights:



Re: We're getting click attacked!

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Hi Josh,

Frankly I wouldn't worry about the fraudulent clicks as you already know the data for the same will be excluded from your account as soon as AdWords recognizes it is a bot attack of some kind.

While it can inflate your clicks & spend numbers, it will eventually be fixed and you will only get data for valid clicks in your account.

Hope this helps.



Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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