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We need a new Keyword Filter for ad groups

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Ad Groups have the following keyword types


Keywords: broad, "phrase", +broad +modifier, [exact]
Negative Keywords: -broad, -"phrase", -[exact]

This is great, however I have a campaign with deozens of specialty ad groups, each contains 6 or so "root" keywords, but sometimes can become hundreds of keywords. Impressions are low but CTR is above 20%.


I need a way to filter keyword to trigger ad impressons only when a user's search query contains a specific string in his query, namely {brand} and or {zip code}.


I need this because it's a big pain to do seperate campaigns for each city/metro/state


For example, 

Keywords: main root keywords

Negative: negative keywords

Query/string: Query must contain a user defined string: {Zip Code(s)}, {Number Range(s)}, {City Name(s)}, {Brand Name(s)}, {Product Name(s)}

THEN display ad impression.


so when a person searches for foot doctor 90210 [Southern California Targeted Region] the ad displayed is more relevant to that customer than the ad that is targeted to foot doctor [Beverly Hills Targeted Area], because the user input a specific Query/String that yuou targeetd with your root keyword.



Microsoft Ads supports this (differential targetig per adgroup), but AdWords does not. If I could do this in AdWords, I can delete hundreds of campaigns and only focus on one campaign per product line. 

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Re: We need a new Keyword Filter for ad groups

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Actually there is a zip code input now that people can utilize within the ads. It's currently in beta, but you can call your rep if you can be white listed for the beta.

Re: We need a new Keyword Filter for ad groups

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Hi angelomaglanoc

Unfortnately, the Zip Code beta is closed to me.


Also, what you mention is totally different than what i am looking for in previous post above.


I would like to search "Keywords" and "contains {string}" before an impression is served.  

Re: We need a new Keyword Filter for ad groups

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Hello guys;


Targeting by strings or using a wildcard is not available;

Geo-targeting by zip code is available in the USA


Read more:

Target ads to a specific geographic location

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